Friday, August 24, 2012


Decided to make a blog for all of my sewing and crafting projects.  I'm not really creating my own patterns for the most part so I'll be linking back to the original tutorials for you so you can create stuff too!  This way, I'm not locking up my facebook page with tons of pictures of everything I make.  I have a few orders I'll be working on today and this coming week so keep your eyes peeled for cool stuff to come!
For now, I'll just show you my cool new labels I finally got 4 weeks after ordering.  They were worth the wait!!!  I made 2 dresses for a friend and a top for Eisley and 3 pairs of pj pants this week and they all were adorned with these adorable!
I got them from Worldwidelabel on Etsy.  I modeled them from this site Make it and Love it.  I love her blog and loved the simplicity of her design.  Derek suggested the kalleymade name instead of "Handmade by Kalley" which is what I was going to do.  I used to use the "kalleymade" a long time ago for stuff I made.

Here's what the little k labels look like.  I put them on the side seam of whatever I'm making.
 And in case you were's what I'm workin' with: Two Brother machines that I love!  My sewing machine is a Brother Project Runway special edition CE-5000PRW.  I got mine on Craigslist brand new.  This is a similar one.

 My serger is my most recent purchase and I'm in love with it.  I hate to hem and zig zag stitch and it saves me so much time on both of the ease it brings in working with knits!  I am still learning how to use it but it's a lot of fun.  The only downside is it's very loud so I can't use it during naptime.  I have to strategically plan my steps so that I only cut patterns or use the sewing machine during naptime and serge other times.  It's a Brother 1034-D.

Here's the little monkey that I make most of my stuff for in her new peasant top.


Yeah she was done posing but this is a better shot of her peasant top.  I modeled it after this post, sizing it up using a pillowcase dress sizing chart.
The other stuff I make besides for Eisley and little baby girl who will be making her first appearance in a few weeks, is for my Etsy Shop and for this little local baby shop or for friends who ask for custom stuff because they know I sew.

Hope to see you around and hear from you!!


  1. i'll give you pics of the girls in their dresses soon! they were both so excited to see them this morning when they woke especially!